The Band

Chris Wade

MD/ Vocals/ Keys / Programming

Chris has years of experience in many party/function bands, tribute shows, doing session work and working on original projects with various artists.

He is the creative brains behind Ultra 90s, building this exciting show from scratch. With clever links between songs, great choice of tunes, awesome lighting and production from start to finish, Chris also gives a strong and passionate performance on every show, without fail.

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Kelly Borkertas

Lead Female

Kelly is an experienced and extremely talented vocalist. Shes got the voice, the look and the moves! She brings Ultra 90s to life, gets the crowd going and most importantly has a lot of passion for this show. With growing up in her teenage years in the 90s, its the perfect era for her to give it her all for every performance.

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Various awesome drummers around the UK including:

Dan Guest

Dan Guest is a Birmingham-based drummer, percussionist, composer, producer and private tutor. Touring throughout the UK, Europe and Asia, Dan has provided solid foundations for a varied line-up of ensembles.

Nick Polley

Essex based Nick is a graduate of the ACM & currently enjoys a varied schedule of session work around the country including touring Theatre, Pop & Jazz.

Dave Forster

Drummer, producer, arranger, live & studio reading drummer. Driving every song all the way home!

Simon Dring

Simon has been playing for 25 years and has gigged across the UK, Europe, America and New Zealand in pop, rock, blues and function bands.


Various talented Keyboard players around the UK including:

Paul Rahme

Paul has been playing keys professionally for over 15 years, works on his own as a classically trained piano performer and party entertainer, and has played synth for many bands and original artists over the years, including Alan Fullard, Mr. Hudson, Ginger, Ben Drummond and David Garside. He is also known as "trople" on youtube, where his bedroom piano performances have gained a large following over the years.

Andy Whitehorn

Based in Cambridgeshire, Andy Whitehorn has previously worked as a music teacher and keyboard player, performing with numerous groups and ensembles, and spreading his musical knowledge to a large number of students. He currently works as a radio creative writer, composing adverts and jingles for a wide range of clients.

Andy Foster

Andy is well known in the synthesiser world and has owned and used most synths over the last 20 years. Written in Sound on Sound and is a moderator on the forum and has a wealth of knowledge and contacts around the world. Synths are his life.

Lauri Donachie

Hailing from Bonny Scotland, Lauri is relatively new to the gigging world. With a hunger to learn, she is currently working closely with professional musicians and technicians to expand and improve her musical repertoire and technique whilst picking up as many skills as she can along the way... lighting, production, performance - you name it! One to watch!


Various talented Dancers around the UK including:

Emma Brett

Emma Brett is a professional dancer, cheerleader, model and choreographer. She has a background of jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and contemporary dance and she has had a wide variety of performing experience including dancing in various music videos, adverts and stage shows both in the uk and abroad.

Larissa Kumana

Larissa Kumana is a performing artist Canadian born, based in London. Grew up in Hong Kong and came to the UK to further her interests in professional creative endeavors. Studied her degree at Bretton Hall in Acting and then the Royal Academy where she obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Musical Theatre. She has performed in several productions in outer London, England and Europe. She is also a practicing qualified Spa Therapist in the Westminster area.

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